About Me

My name is Sanjit Singh. I am a student studying Computer Science.


My research areas of interest are in Serious Games, Augmented reality, Virtual Reality, Robotics, NueroGaming, Virtual Rehabilitation, Brain-Computer Interfaces, Wearables, Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Simulations and Computer Graphics.  

I am interested in applying the applications of AI/ML, Biotechnology and Neurotechnology into developing VR game Simulations that can rehabilitate, cure many types of injuries and diseases without cutting people open, making healthcare more accessible and comfortable. My additional interests is also into robotics specifically on exosuits and VR simulators for military Drones.

Applications that I am interested in: Computational Biomedicine, Healthcare, Surgical instruments, Computer graphics, Humanoids, AR/VR, Military, Education and Neuroscience/Neurotechnology. 


My long term goal is to pursue a Phd in Computer Science. I hope to one day bridge the areas of Computer Science, Software Engineering and Research to become a Computer Scientist, Engineer, Entrepreneur and Inventor.