Nighty Night Video Part 1

Project My teammates and I made at Yhack, Fall 2018.

Goal of project was to help help analyze a baby’s sleeping position and other conditions to help parents and caretakers properly assess and improve a child’s bedtime. Studies have shown that sleeping sideways or on his/her belly increases the chance of non-desirable health conditions for a developing baby, 

Nighty Night Video Part 2

This was during demo at Yhack


A game I built using Unity3D at HackTCNJ, Fall Spring 2017. 

Konnex Cart

Project Built at Bitcamp (University of Maryland - College Park Hackathon) 2019

 Self-Powered Shopping cart that will follow you around in the grocery store, follow you to your car, Return back to "home base" at the store 

X-Waves: Augmented Reality solution for Tourette Syndrome

X-Waves tries to teach a “competing response,” which is the essence of habit reversal therapy. Since the brain can’t do two tics in the exact same instant, physical tics can essentially be neutralized over time.

The user can associate sound patterns to the feeling of comfort felt after doing physical tics, hence creating a reinforcing action that can convert physical tics to mental tics